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Yes the rating is auctually serious...

I dare put money on it that you have never played WoW...
It is a good game, a bit pricy but it pays off. Well... The pricy part really sucks... But if you're a poor bas**** you can always get an auto payer.
And most importantly, put some effort in your flash. How the HECK did THIS get trough the portal!

It really sucked!

It was far to short and it was only a guy walking.
All that happend was a guy with a sword walking getting flamed te last seconds!
Whats so good about that?

It is sooo perfect!

I hate that smiley central. As i once scanned it it had a virus...
I added this to my favorite and geuss what pop-up i got. ^^
Not more then necacary.

Still that ending was kinda... Unfinished.. But all the rest rocked. =D

rtil responds:

what else to add.. i shot the damn thing and i was done.

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I made it?!

Seriously! That last Convict level! So freaking hard! XD
I did make it in the end... I just had them kill eachother... (In other words, they cant handle guns...)
I dont really have anything bad for this game to say. It's to awsome! O.o

I LOVED it! O.o

I loved it with all my hearth! :D
Well... At some points you have to wait a long time...
The O2-jam copy had a part you had nothing to do for about... 12 seconds (rough geuss)
And the DDR song was a little to... Long? in my opinion.
I would just happen to suck in DDR, it took be about 6 times to get a freaking bronze! A replay button would be nice!
The 'elite' click beat game had to many notes at some point.
If you are 1 hit to slow then you can wait for a rain of X'es. :/
In the end i did make them all and loved them all even more! :D
But still... A couple of points of attention.


I started playing... It looked playable for a couple of seconds...
Then i double heared the BGM. Then again, again, again and again!!!
I mean, hearing a bad BGM that many times over eachother hurts!
So i ended up walking 3 maps and quited...

Ever had the feeling you can beat gravity? Me neither...

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I occupate in lack

That one :o

A box under the bridge


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