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It really sucked!

It was far to short and it was only a guy walking.
All that happend was a guy with a sword walking getting flamed te last seconds!
Whats so good about that?

It is sooo perfect!

I hate that smiley central. As i once scanned it it had a virus...
I added this to my favorite and geuss what pop-up i got. ^^
Not more then necacary.

Still that ending was kinda... Unfinished.. But all the rest rocked. =D

rtil responds:

what else to add.. i shot the damn thing and i was done.

Very good. But there where some minus parts. -.-"

I liked :
- The fighting. They where very great animated!
- The story.
- The music! It always perfectly hits the scene!
- The graphics! Yay! No stick/sprite animation. ^.^

I didnt like :
- The fact that the toads have the aim of a mashed patato!
- That you tottaly forget that bowser would never want to kill peach!
- The intro was way to boring... -.-"
-He only got 1 kick! 1 kick! I mean. Come on! Couldnt he just got a bullet trough its leg or so!

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I made it?!

Seriously! That last Convict level! So freaking hard! XD
I did make it in the end... I just had them kill eachother... (In other words, they cant handle guns...)
I dont really have anything bad for this game to say. It's to awsome! O.o

I LOVED it! O.o

I loved it with all my hearth! :D
Well... At some points you have to wait a long time...
The O2-jam copy had a part you had nothing to do for about... 12 seconds (rough geuss)
And the DDR song was a little to... Long? in my opinion.
I would just happen to suck in DDR, it took be about 6 times to get a freaking bronze! A replay button would be nice!
The 'elite' click beat game had to many notes at some point.
If you are 1 hit to slow then you can wait for a rain of X'es. :/
In the end i did make them all and loved them all even more! :D
But still... A couple of points of attention.


I started playing... It looked playable for a couple of seconds...
Then i double heared the BGM. Then again, again, again and again!!!
I mean, hearing a bad BGM that many times over eachother hurts!
So i ended up walking 3 maps and quited...

Ever had the feeling you can beat gravity? Me neither...

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That one :o

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